We’re a team of clinicians, researchers, and innovators. Our mission is to make cognitive care accessible and achievable through science-based tools.

We help clinicians to save time and build a more efficient and effective practice. We also help individuals act on their ability to care for their cognitive health.

We offer a professional tool for clinicians to streamline their practice...

HappyNeuron Pro is a tool to be used by clinicians to help their clients build on or rebuild the foundation of cognitive functions through science-based cognitive exercises.

With adaptable  exercises, instant tracking, and home workout features, our platform is designed to help clinicians save time and money so they can focus on what matters — changing lives.

...and a digital platform to help individuals take charge of their cognitive health.

Discover a scientifically-based customized brain training program, designed to challenge and strengthen your cognitive abilities.

MyHappyNeuron is designed by neuroscientists to help individuals maintain their cognitive health.

HappyNeuron is a
brand of Humans Matter